Car Tires and Alignment Services based in Baltimore, Maryland

If your car is consistently pulling in the same direction when driving straight, come to Perry Hall Auto & Tire Center before the problems gets worse. Our auto shop in Baltimore, Maryland, offers the latest alignment services to promptly get you back on the road, and we also feature an outstanding variety of high-quality car tires.

Wheel, Alignment Services in Baltimore, MD

Alignment Equipment
We utilize state-of-the-art tire and automotive equipment to get your wheels perfectly aligned. Plus, we provide you with full-color before-and-after printouts of your 4-wheel alignment. No other auto center in our area has better alignment equipment, which includes:

• CORGHI™ Tire Changing Machine
• Road Force™ Machine
• Scissor Alignment Lift
• Arago V3D John Bean Visualiner™
   (A Fully Computerized 4-Wheel Aligner)

Alignment Procedures
Steering Axis Inclination Measurement—A powerful tool in diagnosing bent or damaged suspension parts.

Toe Curve Change Measurement—For vehicles with "bump-steer" a dangerous condition causing the vehicle to rapidly change directions when bumps are encountered.

Cradle Adjustment—For vehicles whose engine cradle has become loose through wear and tear, major vehicle repairs, or auto accidents.

High-End Tires
Check out our excellent selection of brand-name tires from trusted companies like Goodyear®, Kelly Tires™, and Dunlop®. We beat out any of the competition's advertised prices, and once you purchase your new tires, we will mount and balance them, inspect the front end and valve stems, and clean the bead seats. You will also receive a free alignment check.

Contact us today and schedule an appointment for our alignment services
and let us know if you have any questions about our inventory of tires.