Brake Services and Engine Diagnostics in Nottingham, Maryland

At Perry Hall Auto & Tire Center, our auto shop provides better service and lower rates than any for the competitors in our area. Based in Baltimore, Maryland, we specialize in brake services and also provide complete engine diagnostics.

Brake Services
Some common signs of brake problems include feeling a vibration, hearing a noise, or your pedal dropping to the floor when you apply the brakes, which could mean you have a hydraulic leak. Bring your vehicle to us, and we will test drive it and determine the cause of any problems.

A complete brake job typically takes 1 to 2 hours, and you are more than welcome to wait in our waiting room, which has free coffee and Wi-Fi connection. During the repair process, we use a hydraulic lift and pull off all 4 wheels so that we can check the following:

• Brake Pads
• Rotors
• Master Cylinders
• Calipers
• Drums
• Hydraulics
• Brake Lines

Check Engine Diagnostic
We perform free diagnostic checks to see the reason for an engine light coming on. Some common issues we diagnose may be that you have a bad sensor or vacuum leak, need a tune up, or even because your gas cap is not on tight. Once the problem has been diagnosed, you can give us permission to perform any necessary repairs.

Ray Brehm Jr. With The Arago V3D, Engine Diagnostics in Baltimore, MD

Contact us today if you wish to schedule an appointment to bring your car in for any brake testing or engine diagnostics.